News and updates

  • Hands full

    12 Jul 2024

    Next week we present our ride-Pooling experiment at IATBR International Conference on Travel Behavior in Vienna - we will show the potential of pooling with our ExMAS approach on 1.5 million trips from 6 months in NYC. Later we join 2nd CEETRA meeting, where Michal Bujak will present his pricing algorithm for ride-pooling. See you in Vienna! ✈️🚇 Presentation
  • AAMAS Conference in Auckland

    09 May 2024

    Together with Farnoud Ghasemi we introduce the agent based model that captures highly non-linear and microscopic phenomena, the first out there to reproduce the actually observed platform growth patterns. We present it today at #AAMAS conference in Auckland. Full paper available here
  • Anastasia & Onur at ICLR2024

    07 May 2024

    Anastasia and Onur during their first conference since they joined COeXISTENCE team! At ICLR 2024 they both had an opportunity to update knowledge on the learning representations and hold discussions with not only academic staff and industrial researchers, but also other students. I am confident that the experience gained this year will bring benefits. Just look at these happy faces!
  • Lecture at Auditorium Maximum

    03 Apr 2024

    🗞 Complex social systems simulations – human behavior modeling, lecture on Friday at Auditorium Maximum
    • I will be talking about how challenging is introducing the human factor into models and simulations considering humans have their unpredictability and free will what makes simulations more complex. The main question is how do we incorporate these aspects into modeling. Together with the audience I will go on a journey through various examples, from road traffic to pedestrian traffic simulations, presenting how human decisions can shape social phenomena. Finally, I will show how to use artificial intelligence in simulations where people compete for limited resources with intelligent machines 🤖.
    See you there! Presentation
  • Faculty Day

    13 Mar 2024

    Young blood at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science during the 16th edition of the Faculty Day! So many inspiring lectures, fruitful discussions and workshops including mine conducted together with Zoltán Varga. Complex social systems simulation at the example of road traffic occured to be very vivid theme for all participants. Such brainstorming atmosphere urges us for further action. I am very proud I could be the part of this initiative. Let me take you there
  • Meeting with JU Rector

    28 Feb 2024

    Great honour to meet with the Jagiellonian University Representatives and my colleagues from other faculties, who also run ERC grants. I talked about the progress in my COeXISTENCE grant, future plans and challenges. Check out more here