Rafal Kucharski Lab

Assistant Professor, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland


I research complex social systems: urban mobility. Congested, urban multimodal networks used by millions of agents to reach their destinations and leaving huge sets of mobility traces ready to be applied for modelling, optimization, understanding and control.

Currently, as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland) I am part of the Group of Machine Learning Research GMUM. I run the NCN Opus Grant on Shared Mobility in the pandemic times and run a team to research complex social systems of urban mobility within the DigiWorld scheme. We are now a team of two PhDs and me - to be followed with a PostDoc soon.

Before, I worked (2019-2021) with Oded Cats at TU Delft in his ERC Starting Grant Critical MaaS. I model two-sided mobility platforms, specifcally focusing on ride-pooling (making people share their Uber with co-travellers). I did PhD with Guido Gentile in non-equilibrium dynamic traffic assignment. In the interdisciplinary field of urban mobility I did research which can be classified as:

  • model estimation, optimization, system control, network design;
  • agent-based simulation, game-theory, network science, stochastic simulation, epidemic modelling;
  • machine learning, spatial analysis, big data analysis, pattern recognition, unsupervised learning;
  • behavioural modelling, economic discrete choice models, policy, sustainability.

Outside of academia I was:

  • Data Scientist at NorthGravity developing AWS-based protfolio or real-time production ready ML solutions
  • R&D Developer at PTV SISTeMA implementing algorithms into PTV Optima real-time traffic forecasting models.
  • Transport Modeller at Department of Transportation Systems using travel-diaries to estimate demand models and create strategic planning tools, e.g. for Warsaw and Kraków

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Teaching materials

I run the seminar on Complex Social Systems (transport is one of them) at Jagiellonian University - materials and papers are on my github


May 5, 2022 🎆Happy to welcome the complete team - there is five of us, two PhD, 2PD and myself. Meet us here🎆
May 1, 2022 Usman joined us as a new PostDoc. Usman will leverage on his Computer Science skills to enhance the ride-pooling.
Apr 15, 2022 Happy to Welcome Olha Shulika, our new PostDoc. Olha, before the russian agression was an assistant professor in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She joined us to explore the ride-pooling in the postpandemic world.
Mar 25, 2022 💣 4/4 our papers got accepted to this year hEART conference: Michal Bujak with topological properties of ride-pooling; Farnoud Ghasemi with drivers request acceptance simulation; Marko Maricic with stop-to-stop ride-pooling; and Arkadiusz Drabicki will fight bus-bunching with real-time information. Looking forward.ng 🚀
Mar 1, 2022 Our paper with Arek on how crowding information can reduce bus bunching - published in Transporation - with Arkadiusz Drabicki and Oded Cats.
Jan 26, 2022 Our paper with Arjan on evolution of labour supply in two-sided systems published in Transportmetrica B - with Hans van Lint and Oded Cats.

selected publications

  1. PLOS
    Beyond the dichotomy: How ride-hailing competes with and complements public transport
    Cats, Oded, Kucharski, Rafal, Danda, Santosh Rao, and Yap, Menno
    Plos one 2022
  2. CIiT
    Using city-bike stopovers to reveal spatial patterns of urban attractiveness
    Banet, Krystian, Naumov, Vitalii, and Kucharski, Rafał
    Current Issues in Tourism 2022
  3. SciRep
    Modelling virus spreading in ride-pooling networks
    Kucharski, Rafał, Cats, Oded, and Sienkiewicz, Julian
    Scientific Reports 2021
  4. TR:B
    Exact matching of attractive shared rides (ExMAS) for system-wide strategic evaluations
    Kucharski, Rafał, and Cats, Oded
    Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 2020
  5. TR:B
    Simulation of rerouting phenomena in Dynamic Traffic Assignment with the Information Comply Model
    Kucharski, Rafał, and Gentile, Guido
    Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 2019
  6. EJOR
    How to split the costs and charge the travellers sharing a ride? Aligning system’s optimum with users’ equilibrium
    Fielbaum, Andres, Kucharski, Rafał, Cats, Oded, and Alonso-Mora, Javier
    European Journal of Operational Research 2021