Olha Shulika

I am an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Currently working as part of a group led by Prof. Rafal Kucharski at the PI position in a EU co-funded Seamless Shared Urban Mobility (SUM) project that aims to help cities integrate New & Shared Modes with public transport. Before that I was part of the team under the NCN Opus Grant on Shared Mobility in pandemic times.

My primary area of interest is the implementation of more sustainable and efficient transportation systems to improve living conditions in cities. With my background in the transportation area and experience in data analysis and programming, I work with a simulation model, Dataset, Python Library used to plot data. I have many years of experience in complex logistic system research and urban mobility, as well as scientific project management.

List of main publications and preprints

  1. JoTG
    Spatiotemporal variability of ride-pooling potential – Half a year New York City experiment
    Shulika, Olha, Bujak, Michal, Ghasemi, Farnoud, and Kucharski, Rafal
    Journal of Transport Geography 2024
  2. arXiv
    Can we start sharing our rides again? The postpandemic ride-pooling market
    Shulika, Olha, and Kucharski, Rafał
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2209.02229 2022
  3. Developing an efficient road-based batch freight delivery technology for intercity connections with a focus on resource conservation
    Shulika, O, Orda, O, Potaman, N, and Yashchuk, Y
    Транспортні системи і технології 2023