ERC Starting Grant on COeXISTENCE between humans and machines in urban mobility


I run the ERC Starting Grant to understand the future of Urban Mobility. In COeXISTENCE, with the team of 5, we try to foresee what happens when our cities are shared with autonomous, intelligent robots - competing with us for limited resources. We create virtual environments where individual agents compete to arrive faster, more reliably and cheaper at their destinations. Human agents are simulated with detailed behavioural models, estimated and calibrated on the field data to reproduce how we behave and adapt in the cities. In the same environment the deep learning agents try the same - they use deep reinforcement learning to maximise their rewards. This creates a harsh competition in which machines have upper-hands strong enough to beat us.


COeXISTENCE is a broad and deep experiment in virtual environment on future cities, aimed to discover the new phenomena and propose the new solutions. See the brief overview here and more thorough presentation.

It spans between fields as diverse as:

  • game theory
  • deep reinforcement learning
  • complex social systems
  • sustainability
  • urban mobility
  • agent based modelling
  • discrete choice theory



Our team is happily full at the moment, yet we are always happy to collaborate.

Nonetheless, we may have Master Students, Visiting Professors or prospective PhD students in this project’s ecosystem.

Feel free to reach us out at

There are funding opportunities at ERC under International Arrangement Funding