News and updates

Sep 9, 2023 Today I gave a keynote speech at the TSTP Conference - I gave an overview of future equilibira with CAVs - slides
Sep 5, 2023 🛫 On our way to hEART Conference at ETH. This year, our team will present in Zurich: 💣 Farnoud Ghasemi will show how we extend #MaaSSim and simulate Dynamics of the Ride-Sourcing Market: A Coevolutionary Model of Competition between Two-Sided Mobility Platforms - session D6 on Thursday. 💣 Michał Bujak will show how we extend #ExMAS to be able to: Assessing expected ride-pooling performance with non-deterministic, heterogeneous travellers’ behaviour - session E2 on Wednesday. 💣 Arkadiusz Drabicki wraps up his PhD to show his results on Willingness to wait with real-time crowding information in urban public transport – before vs. after COVID-19 pandemic (with Oded Cats ) - session A2 on Wednesday.
Aug 28, 2023 Happy to help the future ERC Grantees with a workshop Akademia ERC. Many excellent future candidates, fingers crossed, I hope I have helped
Jul 6, 2023 Great to kick-off the Horizon Europe SUM project. Unfortunately not in person in Lille, but hopefully soon as well. The consortium and objectives look great!
May 19, 2023 New paper from the group. Michał Bujak and me introduce, formalize, analyse and utilise Network Structures of Ride Pooling problems - available OpenAccess in SNAM Journal
Apr 20, 2023 Today I presented my ERC project at the Faculty Seminar, introducing details to our faculty audience - presentation
Apr 15, 2023 Great pleasre to host prof. Jack Haddad from Technion at the seminar of GMUM group - very nice presentation and feedback
Mar 3, 2023 Do you skip this crowded tram and wait for the next one? We asked this and got the behavioural results . Valuable insight for designing the future transit systems in smart cities. . Great paper by Arek Drabicki with Oded Cats, Achille Fonzone, Andrzej Szarata and myself.
Mar 1, 2023 I presented my ERC project to the Warsaw University at the Seminar organized by Pawel Gora at MIMUW, great feedback and pleasure - presentation
Jan 2, 2023 This week we present two posters on the TRB in Washington. Farnoud presents how to simulate market entry of Uber and Usman (or me on his behalf) presents what we found out about complexity of ride-pooling problems - see you at our sessions in DC!
Dec 2, 2022 Congratulations Arkadiusz Drabicki for winning the Transport Research Arena Young Researchers Competition in the category Crossmodality! Arek was awarded for his work on Modelling the impacts of real-time crowding information in public transport in collaboration with prof. Oded Cats, Achille Fonzone, Andrzej Szarata and myself - good job Arek.
Nov 11, 2022 Good job Jaime! Our paper (with Oded Cats) on the relation between spatial structure of the demand patterns and the shareability is now published in Transportmetrica:A
Nov 8, 2022 Long overdue, but I will present my work on hyper-pool in CASPT - believe it or not, but we ubmitted it before the pandemic (Feb 2020) and the conference comes only now, in Tel-Aviv. See slides and the pre-print
Sep 9, 2022 We launched collaboration on Network-Science with the group of prof. Rob Kooij to exploit how networks shape the ride-pooling problems. Today I gave a seminar for his group in Delft.
Aug 5, 2022 👏 1st Aug is a relief day for all transport-people, so it was for us, we can be happy with out TRB submissions, kudos to all👏:
  • 🧨 Farnoud Ghasemi made an intiguing ABM simulations of Uber rise and fall:
  • 🧨 Usman Akhtar explored when and why the ride-pooling calculations explode:
  • 🧨 Olha Shulika is closing up her Post-Pandemic Ride Pooling Review and
  • 🧨 Michal Bujak lately got accepted for Complex Networks conference with his probabilistic ride-pooling:
That is not a bad outcome for the first 12 months of our group - let’s take some well-deserved rest: 🏝⛱🏝⛱🏝⛱🏝⛱
Jun 15, 2022 Our pre-print is out. Typically it is too early to announce, but this is super-exciting. We managed to push the limits of pooling to the edge: 14 co-travellers in an attractive hyper-pooled rides (turbo version of our ExMAS)
Jun 8, 2022 Our flagship software is out and published. Along with a documented repository, the MaaSSim community have now the deeper and more formal documentation in PLOS One - hope it can help the community grow.
Jun 6, 2022 I presented the Ride-Pooling problem at our flagship national conference Modelling 2022 at Cracow University of Technology. Good opportunity to introduce my team and research problems to exceptional practitioners involved in most challenging infrastructure projects in the country. slides
Jun 6, 2022 After 2+ years, finally in person meeting with the community @ heart conference in Leuven. Six contributions from our side (Arkadiusz Drabicki, Michal Bujak, Marko Maricic, Peyman Ashkrof, Arjan de Ruijter and Farnoud Ghasemi presented results of our joint work). Plus a great keynote by prof. Oded Cats, summarizing roughly all on which our lab is founded, including ExMAS and MaaSSim.
May 5, 2022 🎆Happy to welcome the complete team - there is five of us, two PhD, 2PD and myself. Meet us here🎆
May 1, 2022 Usman joined us as a new PostDoc. Usman will leverage on his Computer Science skills to enhance the ride-pooling.
Apr 15, 2022 Happy to Welcome Olha Shulika, our new PostDoc. Olha, before the russian agression was an assistant professor in Kharkiv, Ukraine. She joined us to explore the ride-pooling in the postpandemic world.
Mar 25, 2022 💣 4/4 our papers got accepted to this year hEART conference: Michal Bujak with topological properties of ride-pooling; Farnoud Ghasemi with drivers request acceptance simulation; Marko Maricic with stop-to-stop ride-pooling; and Arkadiusz Drabicki will fight bus-bunching with real-time information. Looking 🚀
Mar 1, 2022 Our paper with Arek on how crowding information can reduce bus bunching - published in Transporation - with Arkadiusz Drabicki and Oded Cats.
Jan 26, 2022 Our paper with Arjan on evolution of labour supply in two-sided systems published in Transportmetrica B - with Hans van Lint and Oded Cats.
Jan 24, 2022 I gave a Mark Kac Seminar “Enigmas of Chance” on Urban Mobility - slides
Jan 18, 2022 Joint seminar with SmartPTLab@TU Delft - my former Critical MaaS team met my current team at Jagiellonian: Farnoud and Michal presented their hEART submissions and we explored joint collaboration links.
Jan 5, 2022 Two submissions from our team to hEART conference 2022. With Michał Bujak who explores topological properties of shareability networks and with Farnoud Ghasemi who simulates how drivers accept/reject travel requests in MaaSSim.
Dec 29, 2021 Our Uber-paper got accepted to PLOS One - great outlet for this relevant study.
Dec 1, 2021 I presented our virus spreading model from SciRep at the complex networks conference in Madrid
Nov 25, 2021 Our paper on game-theoretical ride-pooling and new formulations of Equilibria got accepted to European Journal of Operational Research (quite renowned in the OR field). With Oded Cats, Javier Alonso-Mora and Andres Fielbaum
Nov 17, 2021 We grow - Farnoud will join as a PhD student to dig deeper into learning and adaptation in MaaSSim. Welcome!
Nov 5, 2021 On the weekly seminar of GMUM we kicked-off the project to predict trajectories with GNN and RL techniques. With Lukasz Brzozowski, Jacek Tabor, Przemek Spurek and Lukasz Kucinski we will try to predict city-bike trajectories in Krakow.
Oct 12, 2021 I submitted Marie Sklodowska Curie grant proposal. Quite exciting on the intersection of ML and transportation - figners crossed.
Oct 10, 2021 I am giving a talk at MIMUW Seminar on urban mobility, I will introduce mobility problems and how the ML/AI can be applied to solve them.
Sep 30, 2021 new member of the team Michal Bujak joined us to research on topologies of ride-pooling networks. Welcome
Jun 16, 2021 Today the MT-ITS conference started - see our presentation with Oded Cats about MaaSSim. Great Conference, with the previous edition hosted in Krakow and chaired by me in 2019.
Jun 16, 2021 Two conferences at the same time…. At INSTR in the (virtual) Stockholm we present our work lately published in Transportmetrica:A: If you are late, everyone is late: late passenger arrival and ride-pooling systems’ performance - see our Today the MT-ITS conference started - see our presentation with Oded Cats, Andres Fielbaum and Javier Alonso-Mora.
May 20, 2021 I gave a seminar on Urban Mobility at Machine Learning Group at Jagiellonian University GMUM - slides
May 7, 2021 Can ride-pooling be fair? A game-theory approach for forming groups of co-travellers and splitting the costs now at arXiv with Andres Fielbaum, Oded Cats and Javier Alonso-Mora
Apr 29, 2021 We confirmed details of our job opening for PhD students at Jagiellonian University. See details on ‘open positions’ tab - deadline 8th June.
Apr 16, 2021 Invited by Eszter Bokányi I gave a talk at the seminar of Agglomeration and Social Networks MTA Lendület Research Group Budapest on social networks of ride-pooling and agent based simulations of two-sided mobility platforms - slides
Apr 14, 2021 I got invited as a reviewer for ECML/PKDD 21 Conference with a nice submissions intersecting ML/AI and urban mobility
Mar 17, 2021 Our paper on Virus spreading in ride pooling network got accepted to Scientific Reports
Feb 25, 2021 I am giving a talk at VU Spatial webinar on shared-rides, I will introduce our lates TR:B paper on ride-pooling algorithm ExMAS at Vrije University Amsterdam
Feb 1, 2021 Two of our papers got accepted for MT-ITS conference organised by TU Munich ( One on MaaSSim simulator and second one on Bus Bunching (with Arek Drabicki)
Jan 28, 2021 Next Thu (4th Feb) we will host Malte Schroder (Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed), TU Dresden) to discuss their highly intriguing paper in Nature Communications
Jan 24, 2021 Arjan presented our study with Oded Cats and Hans van Lint on the Evolution of Labour Supply in Ridesourcing at TRB meeting in Washington DC.
Jan 20, 2021 Oded presents our study with Uber at TRB2021 in Washington DC: Beyond the Dichotomy: How Uber Competes with as well as Complements Public Transport (submitted to JoTG)
Nov 26, 2020 arXiv preprint of our virus spreading work with Oded Cats and Julian Sienkiewicz (Warsaw University of Technology) (under review in SciRep)
Nov 25, 2020 Preprint of open-source two-sided mobilty simulator MaaSSim published at arXiv , submitted to SoftwareX
Nov 20, 2020 I received funding from NCN Poland for 3 year personal grant for me and two PhD students to research Shared Mobility in the context of COVID more
Oct 28, 2020 Gave seminar at Warsaw University (MIMUW) - invited by Pawel Gora - on youtube in Polish
Oct 15, 2020 We published our stochastic simulations of late-arrival of ride-pooling travellers, with a great Game-Theory input from Andres Fielbaum (TU Delft) in Transportmetrica:A
Jul 15, 2020 Our demand-driven ride-pooling algorithm cutting the combinatorial search-space of practical problems published in Part:B with Oded
Mar 15, 2020 Studies of induced traffic in Krakow with a novel non-parametric model published in JAT
Jan 20, 2020 Yesterday Guido Cantelmo (TUM) presented our poster on big mobility data in Washington at #TRBAM. We collected data on millions of city bike trips from NYC and started thinking how to synthesize them. We came up with this idea of ‘vector of movement’ that aggregates mobility pattern into a single vector. With this we may now cluster big datasets into groups of similar patterns and provide more accurate mobility predictions (including weather).